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May Special

Schmartboard sells a lot of headers and jumpers. We do for two reasons. First, our jumpers are better quality than many of our competitors who all source the same product through the same Chinese factory. You will find that the male and female receptacles on Schmartboard jumpers are thinner than most on the market which allow you to work better and easier in tight areas. Our Female receptacles fit snugly on .1 and 2mm headers. The Male receptacles work great with both breadboards as well as PCBs. We challenge you to compare ours head to head with others because we know you will immediately understand the difference.

For the month of May, for every three(3) jumper 10 packs that you purchase(mix and match length and color), we will send you a 10 pack of 0.1" headers that you will find valuable at your lab bench. You do not need a coupon code..just place the order and for every multiple of three 10 packs of jumpers, we will add your May gift automatically. (only Jumper 10 packs apply)

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