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Monthly Special - Save up to 67%

April Special

Schmartboard's New Bread/Proto Boards’ are laid out exactly like a standard breadboard. Have you ever had to move a circuit to a prototyping board after first laying it out on a breadboard? Not Fun! With these boards you can either remove the parts from a standard 400 or 830 Tie Breadboard one at a time and solder them onto this board, or you can lay this on top of your breadboard, place parts through this board and into your breadboard and then when ready, solder the components from the top to this board before removing the board and component leads from the breadboard thus saving the step of transferring the components from the breadboard to this board.

For the month of April as an introduction, we will send you a free 201-0015-01 or 201-0016-01 for each 2 that you buy(Nothing to do, we will automatically add one for every 2 ordered - no limit). What a great opportunity to stock up the classroom or Lab!

Our special changes every month.

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400 Tie Point Schmartboard Bread/Proto
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830 Tie Point Schmartboard Bread/Proto

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